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Flossy Shoes have finally made it to the UK. You may or may have not noticed in the last 2 years, Flossy Shoes have taken Europe; in particular, the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands by storm. Flossy plimsolls is owned by Frenzi Wear Limited and was inspired by the craze for Flossy Shoes in the Ibiza 08/09 season which had become a number 1 seller for major retail outlets throughout the island.


So what's all the fuss about?

All we can say about Flossy Shoes is, until you and your feet personally meet a pair, you will never appreciate everything they clearly have to offer.

Take Note

We have no hesitation in stating that in our opinion, no other casual affordable footwear will bring more comfort to your feet as well style, colour and more importantly some fun and flare.

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