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DIY : Easter Egg Ideas


Whether you’ve got children or you’re just a big kid at heart yourself, celebrate this Easter like never before. You could gorge on too much chocolate, spend time with family and friends and watch a classic film like Easter Parade. On top of that, why not stand out from the crowd and try your hand at some DIY?

We’ve come across some top-notch ideas to give you some inspiration. You could dye real eggs for a more organic-feeling Easter egg hunt – no matter what your age this is honestly heaps of fun, and even more so if clues are involved. Instead, go to town and decorate a bunch of eggs with pretty foil, patterned string and paint.

For something that can be reused every year, buy some wooden eggs and cover them with black chalkboard paint. This technique is a real investment but the designs can be changed whenever to suit your fancy – draw some stripes or write a message like ‘Happy Easter!’

Other nifty ideas include having boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday and decorating them – how adorable is the above bunny? – or adding to your homeware accessories by cracking some eggs and filling their centre with wax and a wick for a┬áhome-made┬ácandle.

We even came across eggs with a delicious cake centre – the best idea ever?

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